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  • It is my firm belief that a website can only be as successful as the creator, or creators allow it to be. I Also believe that two can do far more than one. This is why I have put together a team of dedicated BlackBerry owners to help me moderate the website, add content, and help me advertise and raise awareness of for the site. Now, with no further adieu, allow me to introduce the members of our team.

    The listing of team members will be in the following format:
    Real Name
    Position - Responsibilities
    Any other information provided by the staff members for the benefit of the community, such as e-mail address, bbm pins, etc.

    Kenneth Wallace
    E-Mail: bb.guru@live.com
    BBM PIN: 30DBD1D2
    MSN: kenny.wallace@live.com
    Yahoo! IM: drsadistic@yahoo.com

    Shaun Sholz
    Moderator - Leader of the "Tutorial" portion of the website

    All our staff members will help keep the content of this site clean and professional. They all understand that their position is one of importance to the community and they are looked up to for their guidance, help, and understanding. They also understand that in-appropriation of their "power" will result in their loss of position, and possible ban from website. In the future, as the site grows, additional staff maybe necessary, and additions will be made if need be. In the case of selecting new staff members, or adding to the current list, respected users of the site will be considered ahead of all others.

    Thank you to all our users!

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