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  • Main » 2009 » June » 12 » Arkon Resources Hits Home-Run with Incredible BlackBerry Mounts
    2:15 AM
    Arkon Resources Hits Home-Run with Incredible BlackBerry Mounts
         Never have I been so excited about receiving a package than I was
    today when the UPS truck pulled in with a gift from the guys at Arkon
    Resources Inc., the premier developer of mobile mounting solutions. I
    received an e-mail from the VP of Sales & Marketing, Aaron Roth
    about a week ago asking if I would like the opportunity to review a few
    of the products Arkon offers for BlackBerry owners, and without
    hesitation, I gladly accepted the offer. Little did I know, I was about
    to unbox some of the finest pieces of BlackBerry equipment one could
    ever ask for. To keep the review in a some-what organized pattern, I
    will review each mount separately, as to give you, the reader, an
    appreciation of each product.

         Let's start with the smallest and simplest object: a cradle. Arkon
    understands that a BlackBerry owner might own several different models
    throughout their time in the BlackBerry world, and to make the process
    of changing phones less painful, they've created all their mounts to
    have detachable cradles, so as your phone changes, your need for new
    mounts will not... simply buy the cradle compatible with your device,
    and blam, your in business, without having to spend one cent on a brand
    new mount. I have two different phones, one being the Storm and the
    other being a Curve. Included with all the different varieties of
    mounts I received, I also got a cradle for my Curve, and each mount had
    a cradle for my Storm. Inter-changeable cradles, yeah A+ for that guys!

         Let's get started with the mounts themselves now. The first one I
    opened was the LMCSTORM : Laptop Mount - Laptop Mobile Connect with
    Custom Holder for BlackBerry Storm - sale priced currently at $24.95.
    That's right, this is a first for me, a mount that puts my Storm right
    on my laptop. Great for those trips requiring me to use my BlackBerry
    as a teethered modem. I was surprised to find this mount incredibly
    solid an well built, and simple to attach to my screen. The pressurized
    "holders" on this particular mount kept my phone secure and non-moving
    during all the activities I preformed on all three of my laptops.

         Next, the BBSTORM112 : Friction Dashboard Mount with Safety Hook
    for BlackBerry Storm 9530 - priced at $29.95. Okay, here's the
    scenario... your a truck-driver passing through California or
    Minnesota, both states which have banned the use of mounts that connect
    to your windshield. What do you do? Give the guys at Arkon a call and
    order the Friction Dashboard Mount. Upon opening this, I found a pretty
    heavy bean-bag type base on which the rest of the mount attaches. Now,
    I'm not much for simply setting my BlackBerry on my dash out of
    shear-fear of it crashing to the ground and being trampled under my
    feet, but after a few hours of testing this ( and testing in my Mustang
    at 80 mph+ was certainly the most fun of all my testing ), I found this
    mount to be amazingly well designed, and to my utter delight, didn't
    move an inch on my dash.

         Next, the BBSTORM111 : Auto Sun Visor Mount for BlackBerry Storm
    9530 - priced at $19.95. Now, in my honest opinion, this would have
    been the last mount I would've bought. To me, it doesn't seem practical
    to attach a phone to your visor, but others may have a different
    thought on the matter. I will say that its the smallest of all the
    mounts, and its very portable, making it easy to switch from one
    vehicle to another, which I could definitely find very useful in many

         Now, on to the BBSTORM115 : TravelmountĀ® Mini Windshield, Dash, or
    Console Mount for BlackBerry Storm 9530 - priced at $19.95. This is a
    smaller mounting option for those with more compact cars, one that
    requires far less space than others. I was impressed the most with this
    mount as it totes a small size, but is very versatile and can be used
    in a number of ways to give the owner many options as to how they will
    mount their phones.

         Next, the BBSTORM128 : Multi-Angle Adhesive Dash or Console Mount
    for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 - priced at $19.95. This mount was, to
    me, the most well designed. Its about an inch tall, can be flexed to
    almost any angle, and can be attached practically anywhere besides a
    windshield. This seems like a good time to note that almost all their
    mounts can be attached in number of ways, including screws or a very
    strong adhesive strip.

         Next, the BBSTORM129-SBH : Removable Air Vent Mount for the
    BlackBerry Storm 9530 - priced at $19.95. This one raises a few
    red-flags for me. The idea of a vent mount has been around for a long
    time, and I have been against them since their inception. Pull too hard
    and you'll be buying new vents very soon. That being said, this mount,
    just like all the previous mounts, is well built and does exactly what
    you need it to do.

         Finally, the BBSTORM123-G : Cup Holder Mount for BlackBerry Storm
    9530 - priced at $19.95. Out of all the mounts I review, this was my
    least favorite at testing. Its a mount that sticks in your cup-holders
    and has a gooseneck that allows you to mold it in pretty much any
    position you want. Why didn't I like it... I always have a drink in my
    car when driving, other than that, its a fantastic addition to my new
    BlackBerry mount collection.

         In conclusion, I have found all the mount sold by Arkon to be of
    the highest grade and quality. Their company has proven their desire to
    fit the needs of every consumer, no matter what mobile bracket they
    fall into. All their mounts are solidly built, highly reliable, and
    extremely well designed. I will certainly be a customer of theirs for
    years to come, and its the opinion of this reviewer, that all
    BlackBerry owners in the market for a mount come here first.

    Visit Arkon Resources' Storm Mount page HERE!

    Here's a few pics for you guys to enjoy:
    Arkon  Arkon  Arkon

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